Route. Report. Share.

Greywing's CRY4 predictive reporting tool integrates accurate security, travel and pandemic intelligence within seconds.

Over 1,000 vessels, 25,000 crew, and the world's top ship managers are already on board.

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All the information you need
in one place.

CRY4 aggregates multiple data sources to present only what's relevant to your voyage, your vessel and your route. Here's what you'll find inside:

Port Restictions

Flight Restrictions

Covid-19 Metrics

Terrorist Activity

Piracy Incidents


Interactive Reports.
Comprehensive yet simple.

CRY4 Reports make managing your reports and their information easy. View selected legs of your voyage, country or port-specific restrictions, and hide anything distracting. Delete extraneous parts for a concise view.


Secure, Simple Shares.

Build a custom report, freeze it and share it in one go. All CRY4 reports are stored with GDPR-compliance in mind. Auditable access logs and expire-able links provide additional peace of mind.

View a Shared Report

There's a lot more.

We're constantly adding new features, from the ability to batch import data and direct security booking to Natural Language Processing and infinite search.

Are you GDPR-Compliant?Yes. All our data is encrypted at rest, with detailed access control and fine-grained permissions.
Can I try it first?We'd love you to. Sign Up now to try out all parts of the platform before you make a decision.
Do you integrate with my data?We do! We believe the best experience comes from the platform knowing as much as it needs to and automating all that we can. Get in touch and we will figure out a way.
Can I start with a few vessels?Absolutely. We work with vessel owners of all sizes, and any size of fleet. Please reach out so we can find the best way to assist.