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The world's first fully digital marketplace for physical security. Remove middlemen and hidden margins while connecting you to the men and women who protect you.

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We connect you to the right security providers. We track personnel across multiple projects, building a profile on their background, qualifications, performance and most of all their attitude to safety.

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Security Providers

Expand your client-base instantly. Reach and communicate with clients across verticals, and ensure that your resources are never waiting.

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We look after all of your information, due diligence, training records and performance appraisals and make them available to security employers. Save time, earn a fair wage and build a reputation for life.

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A Single Source of Trust

Know more about your security.

Track your reputation, due diligence and compliance in a single place. Communicate with your team members in real time.

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Security Providers


Escort Vessels


Our software does more than connect you.

Try the Greywing Dashboard, a rich SaaS platform that takes care of everything, from resource management to intelligence.


Multi-agent sharing

Supervisors can now monitor engagements, captains can verify ETAs, team leaders can post daily sitreps and more with advanced share and edit.

Protect Yourself

Our suppliers are willing to offer an exclusive complete refund, just so you can be sure you get what you're paying for.


Due Diligence

Spend your time on something else. We take care of due diligence, with supplier and contractor profiles with automatic document verification. Be compliant without wasting your time.

Greywing Dashboard



Instant Booking

Easily share edits

Supplier Due Diligence

Automated Document Checking

Security Providers

Contractor Sourcing

Reputation Tracking

Greywing Shield

Resource Management


Integrated Profile

Career Mobility

Verified documents

Managed secure communications

Security should be easy.

Reduce your time spent from days to minutes, so you can do the things that matter most.