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“Securing your world through better technology.”

At Greywing, we believe in the transformative power of technology, and that information delivered at the right time can change the course of history. A lot of innovation today reaches consumers through fast-moving markets, while enterprise is often left behind.

Our team at Greywing work to discover the spots in maritime that could benefit the most from our technology. Whether it is deploying security, measuring vessel risk from covid-19, or intelligently assessing a sea route for piracy incidents, we aim to make decisions easier and simpler by providing the right information.

Our technology is web-first, truly mobile and focused on user experience. The complexity of managing an entire maritime voyage - including security, crewing, flight bookings and risk mitigation - is made simple enough to be done on a phone through the Greywing dashboard.

Greywing at a Glance

  • Greywing was founded in 2019, by Nick and Hrishi who met at Entrepreneur First in Singapore.

  • The first problem they set out to tackle was digitizing maritime security. The Greywing marketplace has done over $200K in turnover since then.

  • The Intelligence reporting platform was released in early 2020, with an in-house intelligent routing tool and natural language processing based data aggregation to provide complete coverage of risk incidents happening around the world. The tool has served over 500 full reports since inception.

  • The predictive intelligence tool is named CRY4 after the protein that enables migratory birds to find their homes. To date, over 100,000 ports are processed and available for routing, and over a thousand maritime risk incidents have been processed with more added every day.

  • The Greywing historical risk measurement tool - named Landfall - was released on the 14th of April 2020. Since then it has served over 1200 reports covering over 200 different vessels and assisting in crew change planning.

The Team


Nick Clarke spent four years in the Royal Marines before founding the maritime security firm Citadel in 2011, which protected commercial shipping, superyachts and offshore oil & gas projects from piracy in the Indian Ocean and West Africa. Nick ran Citadel for ten years and grew the business to over US$ 4 million in turnover. In January of 2018 he woke up one day and had the instinct to move to Singapore. In June of that year he went on a three week trip to check it out and stayed at an Entrepreneurs Hostel, Draper Start-up House on Club St. Whilst he was there he saw an old photocopied A4 print out on the notice board advertising the Entrepreneur First Incubator in Singapore. In January of 2019 he packed up his things and moved to Singapore to start the Entrepreneur First programme where he met Hrishi and Greywing was born.

Hrishi Olickel counts ten years in technology, split between consumer-centric and deep-tech industries around Southeast Asia. Three years in electronics, two years in Finance, three in Insurtech and two years in Academia, he has worked with the Singapore Exchange, Venture Capital firms in Singapore, National Geographic, and one of the largest insurance brokers in India to name a few. He has also published three papers in Computer Security and Human Computer Interaction, as well as co-authoring a patent in thermal-energy based fire detection. He has built data platforms that served over 100,000 users, and leads the technology side of Greywing.

The Technology

We currently offer the following product lines through the Greywing Dashboard:

CRY4 Intelligence Reporting


CRY4 allows you to bring up the latest information on maritime threats and discover mitigation measures. Clients can access voyage specific intelligence relating to piracy and/or COVID-19 and amend their voyage options appropriately to minimise the threat they might encounter by for example choosing different routes or different port calls. The entire report is generated in seconds, allowing clients to game multiple routes and scenarios to make the right solution. CRY4 aggregates information for pandemics from multiple sources including the Johns Hopkins University database and the Centre for Disease Control among others and provides real-time information on the spread of pandemics. This information is then combined with port control information to provide intelligence on port and flight restrictions as well as crew changes.

CRY4 serves as the forward-looking part of Greywing's information offerings, allowing for predictive evaluation and look-ahead in voyages.


More information about the CRY4 platform can be foundhere.

Landfall Risk Analysis


Landfall aggregates multiple historical data sets and uses integration with crewing information and satellite AIS to provide an instant assessment of the current pandemic risk on a vessel. Port calls are assessed based on the risk at the time of call, and crew change information is integrated to provide risk assessments that can facilitate crew changes, all within seconds. We have also recently introduced the ability for the tool to risk assess entire fleets, whose status can be monitored from the fleet dashboard seen below.

Landfall serves as the backward-looking component, enabling historical risk analysis.


More information about the Landfall platform can be found here.

Security Marketplace


The first of Greywing's digital offerings, the Greywing marketplace allows for completely digital procurement and management of maritime security. All of contractor due diligence and engagement details are managed by the platform, simplifying the process and removing hidden margins and middlemen. The booking process is completely automated, with supplier ratings throughout the process captured in the platform, where the entire transaction is held securely, ready for audits. The marketplace allows for the transaction to focus on the people who matter most - the men and women who stand ready to protect - and ensures that they aren't exploited.

More information about the Marketplace can be found here.

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