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We sign Master Service Agreements with client companies globally, they tender through Greywing relying on our due diligence process, you win contracts. With less time and money spent on business development, administration and audits than before.


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Greywing hosts Operators including everyone from those who have recently left the police or military to experienced Security Project Managers with 10-20 years of working in niche hostile environments. Whether you need man-guarding personnel for a site in Afghanistan, and EOD operator in Somalia or a Kidnap for Ransom responder in Nigeria we can connect you to them, instantly.


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You need to source assets at short notice to fulfil client requirements, sometimes within the hour. Whether it is a security escort vessel to protect offshore assets in Nigeria, a light aircraft to extract personnel in Somalia, or a B6 armoured vehicle for a last minute move in Kabul, Greywing connects you to the right asset.


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