Crew changes in 60 seconds.

Turn Data into Actionable Decisions. Powered with Artificial Intelligence.


Start tomorrow with zero hassle.

Greywing integrates over thirty vendors, including market-leading crew & voyage management software, travel agents, port agencies with zero start time. We couldn’t fit them all into a single page.

On the other hand, adding your own suppliers is easy - we connect to any external or internal system, from satellite data to Excel to PowerBI.

Wilhemsen Ship Services

A crew change
in 60 seconds.

Go from logging into Greywing, to getting over 1000s of flight quotes in under 60 seconds, to finalizing a crew change report in minutes.

Selecting Ports

As soon as you select a vessel, Greywing knows the upcoming ports of call, and the crew onboard. We match nationalities to hundreds of thousands of ports, airports and restrictions, to provide immediate estimates on the total cost of a crew change.

Picking Flights

Click next, and we’re already searching every possible combination of flights for your crew at all selected ports of call, to auto-select flights for each crewmember at each port. Of course, you can drill down and customize each flight, from allowed layovers and connection length, to price and supplier.

Compare Costs and Share Analysis

We display a complete breakdown of agency pricing, flight costs, even carbon costs for each location, so you can make a decision - or share the report for review and discussion.

Book your crew change

Email your travel and port agents for an out of the box solution, or use integrations to book everything in one-click.

The platform that doesn't sleep

Even after completing a crew change, Greywing's neural networks/AI continues to look for better crew changes.

60 seconds

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NLRTM, Rotterdam

4/4 CREW



333 USD

1 x ATH - IST - AMS

331 USD

1 x AMS - DOH - MNL

535 USD

1 x RIX - WAW - AMS

127 USD

1 x AMS - HEL - RIX

187 USD


907 tons


1513 USD

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Save time and money

Greywing saves your crew managers time in finding options, evaluating them, and getting consensus on the right options. See how much we save on time, money and carbon.

$ 151,200

cost saving

$ 107,775

time saving

$ 55,440

carbon saving

Make decisions together and communicate it to all parties using one platform

Make decisions together and communicate it to all parties using one platform

Port Agents

Manning Agents

Travel Agent

Crewing Team

The world's leading shipping companies are already on-board

BW Group
IINO Lines

How well do you know your ports?

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challenge today!

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Don't just take our word for it

TB Marine

Since 2019, I have primarily used Greywing to manage security risk assessments, intelligence and management of security tasks. Our office teams have critical and sensitive security information easily on hand – just one click ahead. No time to source from different providers. In the past, it was a time-consuming challenge to compare different data analytic. With Greywing, we have a tool to assess the real security threat We can provide our crews, customer and ship owner with the insights they need. Greywing is used to decide if we have a go or no-go situation and what can be done to mitigate the threat. \n\n However, I was so impressed by their recent work on the crew change crisis that I had no hesitation in recommending it to our crewing team. We are now better prepared to plan crew changes and verify the latest regional rules which may restrict our ship operation. Greywing is the innovation our industry needs.

Daniel Theater

TB Marine


Greywing has produced a very interesting and innovative web-based crewing solution during covid crises. It’s about accessing all relevant information regarding crew changes in one platform which will have the access to our vessel position/ next port of call (through AIS data), port restrictions, restrictions in crew sourcing areas, information from IATA, port agents, crew nationalities etc. They also integrated the platform with flight info and our crewing software (compas) which gives us all possible information to quickly plan and decide on a crew change where it is possible. It is very time saving solution as previously we used look at a lot of data from various sources, do a lot of back and forth communication with agents in home port as well as joining port, travel providers etc. which is time consuming and at times delays our decision in executing crew changes.

Shivas Kapoor


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Stay up-to-date with our news
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Get insights from Greywing Academy
Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

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We release every week. Learn about new tech in maritime, and what we’ve built as soon as it’s live.

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