Landfall Crew Changes

Where can my crew change?

We know. Landfall processes millions of data points a second to tell you exactly where your offsigners can disembark, fly home and be replaced.

Find your way to the right information

In a world where crew change rules change hour to hour, imagine eliminating 99% of the crew change options that don’t work, to focus on the 1% that do. 60 seconds to analyse data from 100,000 ports, Satellite AIS, immigration restrictions, visas, port controls, route deviations, flight availability and port agents to find your crew the 1%.


Turn information into intelligence.

We integrate with a number of proprietary crewing technologies for a seamless experience. We also connect directly to port agents to eliminate email chatter, so you always have a real-time picture of what you need to know.

Plan and spend efficiently.

We show you clear cut flight and bunkering costs for each option, so you can plan ahead. Get real-time information on your entire fleet through Flotilla - down to active crew changes, chartered route and team responsibilities. Plan across the fleet, and execute smoothly.

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