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Visa Information

Learn up-to-date visa requirements for over 150+ nationalities.

  • Travel is allowed
  • Proof of negative pre-departure COVID-19 test results is not required
  • Quarantine is not required
  • Proof of COVID-19 vaccination is not required for Estonia
  • A passport is required to enter Estonia
  • Masks are recommended in public
  • Visitor visa

Port Restrictions

    • Are there any restrictions on vessels whose previous port call was from COVID -19 high risk countries?*
      • Are there any restrictions on crew who embarked from COVID -19 high risk countries or specific nationalities?
        • Crew change permitted?
          • Yes, but subject to the following conditions.
            • Republic of Estonia is a member of Schengen area as from 21.12.2007 and consequently all crew change operations in Estonia and traffic of seamen arranged in full accordance of valid “Schengen Borders Code“.
            • Seamen of Schengen area members states - nationals of the European Union (EU), the European Economic Area (EEA) and any third-country nationals holding a residence permit of a Schengen State do not need a visa to enter Estonia.
            • In addition to the citizens from EU, EEA and Schengen area citizens of countries listed as per below link do not need a visa to enter a Schengen area (incl. Estonia) for stays of no more than 90 days in any 180-day period
              • Further details available online at webpage of Estonian Ministry of Foreign affairs: https://vm.ee/en/who-does-not-need-visa-visit-estonia
              • Seamen of third countries (non-Schengen area states) generally require Schengen visa to embark or disembark in Estonian ports. However possible following exception: in case seaman is in possession...

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    Flight Restrictions

    • COVID-19 entry regulations lifted on 16 June 2022.

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    Agency Costs

    • Crew Change Assistance 1-10: USD 110 per pax
    • Crew Change Assistance 11+: USD 80 per pax
    • Coordination of Booked Services: USD 70
    • Launch Hire Coordination: USD 120
    • Meet & Greet: USD 240

    Last updated on 30th Mar 2022

    Crew Nationalities

    Total number of nationalities completing a crew change here since a year ago

    • IN4 India
    • UA2 Ukraine
    • KR1 Korea, Republic of
    • MA1 Morocco
    • LV1 Latvia
    • RO1 Romania
    • GR1 Greece

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