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SUPE - Port, PE

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Top 3 Nearby Airports

(LIM) jorge chavez intl

(HUU) huanuco

(TRU) c martinez de pinillos

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Visa Information

Not available.

Port Restrictions


  • Are there any restrictions on vessels whose previous port call was from COVID -19 high risk countries?
    • Free pratique will be granted only at anchorage place prior berthing.
    • Master of the vessel is responsible for delivering signed Sworn Declarations, to the representative of the International Maritime Health who inspects the vessel before the Free pratique.
  • Are there any restrictions on crew who embarked from COVID -19 high risk countries or specific nationalities?
    • Crew Change permitted?
      • Yes, but subject to the following conditions.
        • Crew change must be performed at 1st arrival Peruvian Port.
        • Crew change is permitted at APM Terminal and at anchorage.
        • For On-signers
          • PCR test results with a “NEGATIVE” outcome, valid within 72 hours after taken test
          • Passport must be valid for no less than six (6) months.
          • E-tickets must be sent at least 4 days before arrival
          • Must print and fill out affidavit and present it at the Lima airport upon arrival.
    • Shore leave permitted?
      • No
  • Any other restrictions due to COVID - 19?
    • Peruvian regulations allow flights from Europe/America/Asia except for South Africa. A PCR test taken 72 hours prior to your flight is needed.

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Flight Restrictions

  • COVID-19 entry regulations lifted.

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Agency Costs

  • Crew Change Assistance 1-10: USD 150 per pax
  • Crew Change Assistance 11+: USD 110 per pax
  • Coordination of Booked Services: USD 70
  • Launch Hire Coordination: USD 150
  • Meet & Greet: USD 300

Last updated on 30th Mar 2022

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