Marine fares, PCR Testing, Visa tracking and a survey

June 2021 Updates

author Hrishi Olickel

Hrishi Olickel

Published on 18th Jun 2021

2 minutes read

Lots of updates this time, let's get started!

Survey from last week

As part of our frequent surveys to make sure we understand the biggest pain points in crewing, users voted what they were most excited for in our roadmap. Here are the responses, ranked in order of preference:

  1. Greater Visibility of Flights for Chinese Crew
  2. PCR Testing - Delivered Yesterday
  3. Vaccination Availability
  4. ATPI Flights Integration
  5. Predictive Port Calls
  6. Automated Travel Document Checking

If you'd like to log your response, you can do so here. We're always happy to listen.

Seafarer Visa information

We've integrated sources that provide visa information for seafarers automatically onto CRY4, so you can see which parts of your crew can easily change at potential ports of call:

visa-information visa-detailed-information

Managing visa information has been one of the biggest complaints about complex crew changes, and now with CRY4 this is as simple as looking for all green lights at a port!

Marine flights

With the help of ATPI, we're proud to introduce marine fares from across the world (including China!) onto the platform. We expect to be adding more functionality with this integration over the coming weeks.


PCR Testing and timelines

Thanks to S5 Agency World, CRY4 now has direct knowledge of PCR Testing requirements, costs, and reporting timelines for each port, making it easier to plan a crew change amidst changing requirements.


Greater Visibility of Flights for Chinese Crew

We have two additional Maritime Travel Companies coming onto the platform specifically focused on flights in China. Both have access to domestic Chinese ticketing and flights to give you more options.

Predictive Port Calls

CRY4 now has predictive port calls for vessels, to help you plan before commercial deals are confirmed.


You can vote for your top 3 integrations here and we will prioritise what you want us to focus on.

It's been a pretty fruitful month, and we hope to keep you updated on what comes next!

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